Me & U-First! modules english

Enjoy the Me & U-First! Modules – they are a wonderful introduction to understanding responsive behaviours.

Please note that there is no registration required and there is no certificate granted.  Also, please watch the Help Module and/or Module 1 to find out how to download your worksheets and charts.  Reminder – download documents to your own computer and then print them out to assist with your learning.

Help Module:
To help get you started with e-learning and learn how to use this program.

Module 1: Overview
An overview of the modules and an Introduction to U-First! language and approach

Module 2: Understanding: Physical
Builds an understanding of normal aging and the physical problems that can affect a Person with dementia.

Module 3: Understanding: Intellectual
Explains the damage to the brain, losses due to dementia; and how this will influence the interaction of Partners in Care (everyone involved) and the Person with dementia.

Module 4: Understanding: Emotional
Focuses on the emotional factors that influence the functioning and behaviour of a Person with dementia.

Module 5: Understanding: Capabilities
Focuses on identifying and supporting the remaining strengths of a Person with dementia in order to meet the demands of daily life.

Module 6: Understanding: Environment
Explains how the environment can positively impact Persons with dementia, allowing them to function at their best.

Module 7: Understanding: Social
Focuses on understanding the many social factors that can influence the functioning and behaviour of a Person with dementia.

Module 8: Conclusion
Wrap-up of e-module series and link to resources.