About U-First!

U-First!® is a training program that helps non-registered health care providers develop a common knowledge base, language, values and approach to caring for people with Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive impairment by understanding the person and associated behaviour changes and working as a team to develop individualized support strategies.

If you are caring for someone with dementia or other cognitive impairment, the U-First!® Program will help you:

  1. Understand that there can be many reasons why you might see behaviour changes in the person
  2. Flag the possible changes that you may see when you are supporting the person
  3. Interact in a new way with both skill and a common understanding of dementia and other cognitive impairments
  4. Reflect and report on not only new behaviours you may see in the person you are supporting but also share your strategies and tips with the team
  5. Support the person and their care partners in everyday activities
  6. Know that you are part of an important Team in caring for the person


Visit our Register for Training page for more information.